Looking forward to seeing everyone in Buffalo, NY in 2022, hosted by Lackawanna, NY Fire Department




The annual U.S. and Canadian Professional Firefighters Golf Tournament was coordinated and founded in 1964 by Montreal, Canada firefighter Mr. Roger LaPierre (3/14/17 - 9/23/91).

Since then, several hundred firefighters/golfers from across the United States and Canada have gathered together each September to golf, trade hats, shirts and war stories.

Mr. LaPierre’s legacy and the tournament tradition carries on annually and all professional and retired firefighters are welcome. New teams and participants are encouraged to join this annual event.


The event includes:

· Hotel (may be priced separately)

· 3 rounds of golf on different courses

· Breakfast and Dinner each day

· Hospitality room and beverages

· Welcome gifts & awards

Each year there is also a Ladies Program which usually includes area tours, lunches, shopping, transportation, and other events while golf is underway. This is a separately priced event



· 4 Man Team

· Senior 4 Man Team

· 2 Man Team

· Senior 2 Man Team

· Individual

· Senior Individual

· Super Seniors